Providing Cost Effective Solutions

Ms. Canale offers cost effective, efficient, and timely preparation of legal research and legal writing for understaffed law firms and overwhelmed solo practitioners. Her business model focuses in helping small legal firms cope with tight deadlines, while keeping operational costs low.

She has developed, tested, and proven her ability to assess a situation and execute a successful strategy. Several solo practitioners utilize Ms. Canale’s strong legal writing skills to prepare the following legal documents for them.

  • Dissolution
  • Determination of Paternity
  • Spousal Support (orders for, modification)
  • Child Custody¬†(orders for, modification)
  • Child Support¬†(orders for, modification)
  • Child Visitation¬†(orders for, modification)
  • Name Change
  • Restraining Orders: TRO / Civil Harassment (requests for, defense against)
  • Demand Letters
  • Settlement Offers
  • Complaints
  • Answers
  • Motions to Strike
  • Motion for Demurrer (& in Opposition)
  • Motion to Amend (Complaint / Answer)
  • Motions in Limine
  • Motion for Summary Judgment (& in Opposition)
  • Motion to Dismiss
  • Discovery
  • Motion to Comply with Discovery
  • Motion for Contempt
  • Mediation Briefs
  • Case Management Statements
  • California Department of Education complaints and appeals
  • Office of Civil Rights Complaints
  • Legal Research Memorandums

Ms. Canale offers excellent value for small law firms. Based on a traditional independant contractor hourly-fee billing model, Ms. Canale’s rates are extremely competitive, especially in comparison with the overhead and fringe costs associated when hiring an employee.

In addition, she is available to step in to perform court appearances and administrative hearings.

If you are a small firm in need of contractual assistance, contact her today.

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